Colinsson for DISC® assessment, coaching and mentoring:

  • Certified DISC® FLOW® assessor can evaluate the individual behaviours of your teams (RED, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN)
  • Certified CMI (Chartered Management Institute) Management Coach and Mentor

Providing for you:

  • Optimisation of teams to enhance performance and output
  • Coaching to develop teams in meeting organisational objectives
  • Individual coaching to create Performance Leadership and an interdependent organisation – proven to be the most productive organisation type in modern business (Google, Facebook, Apple et al)
  • Behavioural assessment for teams and individuals to boost development and create a continual learning cycle


Colinsson Management Services
ul. Kozietulskiego 4a
85-657 Bydgoszcz


Mobile: +48 517 791 587
E-mail: biuro@colinsson.com
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